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Build your business and advertise with us!

If you own a business, you’re constantly looking for ways to connect with your potential customers in a way that really STANDS OUT! It takes 5-7 exposures to a company’s advertising to convert, and when your potential customers are bombarded with ads everywhere they go, how can you stand out?

We can help. We understand small business owners have limited resources. We want to maximize the effectiveness. What better way to engage your audience than to approach them when they’re already engaged and having fun at the movies?

Film.Ca Cinemas offers a wide variety of advertising options tailored specifically for your unique business and what you want to accomplish. Businesses ranging from local single-entrepreneur small businesses to multinational corporations have used our facilities to get their message across in a way that really pops.

The experience starts with our pre-show advertising on the 5 large screens. We intersperse static and video ads with trivia and movie facts that audiences waiting for their movie to begin are already paying attention to in our preshow, which runs 20-25 times a day before all feature films. It’s affordable and effective.

But it doesn’t stop at the pre-show. Take it turbo with our advertising packages, which include the following options:

  • Banner advertising on our website here at – we get on average over 1,000 independent visits daily!
  • Posters in our washrooms or lobby
  • Inclusion in our lobby partners display (so people can grab your business card) and Community Partners page
  • Your coupons or flyers hand-delivered to each guest at our snack bar
  • Your ad in our lobby “Cinema Classics” show
  • Advertising in our weekly CineView showtime publication
  • Free movie passes for your clients, customers or staff

Have other ideas? Want to set up a sample display right here in our lobby? We can work with you to create something truly Hollywood-worthy!

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