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We are thrilled to announce your friendly neighbourhood cinema is open for screenings again! We are dedicated to bringing you the best and safest movie-going experience possible. Please read below for all the important information on what Film.Ca Cinemas will look like upon re-opening.

Last Updated: Sept 3rd


  • PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING: Keep your distance from others. We will have floor decals to help guide you throughout the theatre and will mark 2 metres distance to maintain social distancing.
  • COUGHING/SNEEZING: If you find yourself needing to cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow (NOT your hands). Throw any tissues used into the trash right afterwards.
  • FREQUENTLY WASH YOUR HANDS: Wash for at least 20 seconds. There is hand sanitizer at each cinema entrance, in washrooms and throughout the premises. Please use it liberally.
  • WEAR A MASK: Effective July 22, 2020, wearing a non-medical mask or face covering is mandatory in certain enclosed indoor public places in Halton region. Some individuals are exempt. Please be kind and support each other. The by-law is in effect until November 30, 2020, unless extended by Regional Council. Guests are required to wear one inside the building but you are welcome to remove them once seated to enjoy your food and beverage. If you have forgotten a mask at home, we will be selling them at the entrance for $0.50.
  • DOWNLOAD THE COVID-19 ALERT APP: This app will notify you if you have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19


We ask that you please respect the well-being of your fellow Film.Ca guests and staff.

Please stay home if:

  • if you or anyone you have been in contact with have COVID-19
  • if you have travelled internationally within 14 days
  • if you show have cold, flu-like, or COVID symptoms
  • If you have a fever that is 38°C (100.4°F) or above


Cast Members are required to declare they are symptom-free and complete a health screening before every shift. They are instructed to stay home if they have any of the symptoms above and will be sent home immediately if they begin to show symptoms during their shift.

We are requiring all of our Cast to wear the PPE (personal protective equipment) they need, including face masks. Cast will have access to gloves and must wash their hands at least every 30 minutes. Cast working behind the snack bar will be required to wear gloves when preparing food.


As an enhanced cleaning practice, we will be proceeding with Ultramist Fogging Systems to disinfect our cinemas, washrooms, lobby and other common areas.

This product is:

  • Health Canada approved
  • Agricultural Canada approved
  • FDA approved
  • EPA approved
  • KILLS 99.999% of all harmful viruses, bacteria, molds and micro-organisms
  • Non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment

By releasing a fine mist, it settles into a thin anti-microbial shield of protection over a large space quickly, ensuring that there is little to no downtime required for all the surfaces to become disinfected. For more information on their product, please check out their website at

Film.Ca has a dedicated Sanitation Manager scheduled on each shift. This person’s sole responsibility will be to ensure that cleaning and safety standards are completed as scheduled and meet all requirements.

We have placed Cielo QR codes around the cinema as a way to track cleaning and sanitization practices. Guests can monitor cleanliness simply by taking the camera on their device and holding it up to the Cielo QR code. A screen will pop up on their phone, which will inform them of the last time that area has been cleaned. They will also be able to submit any feedback to Film.Ca via their devices.

As part of our staggered showtimes, there will be extra time between movies to complete our enhanced cleaning standards. We have deployed additional cleaning staff who are dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting equipment and high-touch surfaces as frequently every 30 minutes to maintain a sanitary environment. Only after the Manager on Duty or Sanitation Manager has inspected and approved of the cleaning of the cinema, will guests be allowed to enter inside.


Reserved Seating will now be mandatory at our cinema. All seats at our cinema are assigned now (like a live show). You can buy and pick your seats from our website, from our web app or in-person on our self serve kiosk or from our Cast. We will be gapping seats by three with a one-row gap. Please go to “Tickets & Concessions” for more information on buying your tickets.

Members of the same household or social circle are allowed to sit together within a section of adjoining seats. Please remember to respect the physical distancing of your fellow guests. Guests must not switch seats during a performance unless it is done so through one of our Cast. 

We have decreased the number of showtimes each day and increased the time between each showtime to eliminate congestion in the lobby and cinemas.


We ask that Guests purchase their movie tickets and snacks in advance via our web app (Click HERE for instructions). Our native app that will downloadable on the Apple App Store & Android App on the Google Play Store has not yet been released yet but will be coming soon. Not only will this help with social distancing, but it will also save you time not being in a lineup! For now, we ask that you order your tickets via our website, at our self-serve kiosk or from our Cast. When we first open, we will be playing some older favourites to start – all tickets will only be $5!

We encourage in-theatre ticket and concession purchases to be done through Contactless payment methods (credit/debit, mobile payments, gift cards and vouchers).

Guests will be greeted at the front by a Cast Member who will control the flow of people entering and exiting the building. We have lines created and decals marking the floor to help you navigate social distancing rules easily. Here are some examples of what to look for:

When lining up for the snack bar, please stand behind the line indicated until you are called. This will allow for our Cast Members to clean the service area. Plexiglass shields are installed at all employee-facing points of sale for the safety of both guests and staff. All Cast Members will be wearing masks and all food prepared will be in accordance with enhanced local health regulations. All your favourite pre-COVID movie treats will still be available at our snack bar. For food that takes more time to prepare (Ie. ZuZu’s Pizza), we will be providing you with a pager that will beep when your order is ready. Once your transaction is finished, head to your cinema following the directional signage provided.

Please note: Toppings, straws, napkins, utensils and condiments are available upon request at our snack bar. Straws will be wrapped. We will still be providing refills. However, we will be exchanging your cups and bags for new ones.


We ask that you arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your movie’s scheduled showtime. This way we can maintain social distancing protocols.

If you arrive earlier than 15 minutes before, we may ask you to wait outside the cinema until your movie is ready for seating.


Our washrooms will be available for use. However, alternate urinals will be closed to provide physical distancing (see the sign above).

We have put up hand washing instructions inside the washroom as a reminder to wash your hands thoroughly. Touchless taps and soap dispensers have been installed.

We ask that when you go to enter, occupy or exit the restroom, that you maintain social distancing as much as possible.


When your movie has ended, we ask that you follow the instructions of a Film.Ca staff member or all directional signage. Please exit by row starting from the front where the screen is. When you exit or otherwise leave your seat, only do so when the aisle is clear and when you can maintain social distancing. Make sure your mask is properly in place.

After you exit the auditorium, we will have additional directional signage that will assist you in exiting the building. If you want to stay to watch credits, please simply move one row up (towards the screen) when your row is exiting. Take any seat that is at least three seats and one row away from other guests.

You are always welcome to leave through our emergency exits to avoid crowding, and we may ask you to leave through that exit so you are not required to travel back through the lobby. At all times, please follow the instructions of our Cast Members.

For the safety of our cast and to facilitate the sanitization of our cinemas for the next show, it is critical that you bring all of your garbage and dispose of it in the receptacles outside the cinema doors.

Just remember, we’re learning too. Things may change as we learn more and rules are updated. We will do our best to update this page frequently with the latest details. Please stay tuned to this website, our social media, posters in the cinema, and instructions from our Cast. Thank you.