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December 31, 2018

Eight years ago, we set our admission prices to provide an affordable movie-going experience for our guests. Since that time, we have invested in our facility, dramatically improved our on-screen presentation and created an award-winning entertainment and guest service experience for our community. What we have not done is pass on the annual increases in our operating expenses for rent, electricity or any of the other costs that creep up year after year. The truth is that our competition has increased their pricing several times while we continually fight to maintain our low ticket prices and high-quality experiences.

We are finally at a point where we have to make a slight increase in our admission prices. Therefore, effective January 4th, 2019, our new admission prices (including HST) will be:

General Admission $9.00
Children (3-13) $7.00
Seniors (65+) $7.00
All Seats Tuesdays $6.00

We will be holding the pricing on our Golden Combo to $10.00 (senior’s ticket, mini-drink & mini-popcorn) and we will be adding a Student Deal every Thursday – $16.00 including ticket, medium popcorn and medium soft drink). Both of these deals include HST.

Even with this increase, we continue to offer the best value for your moviegoing dollar, and the extra revenue not only allows us to defray some of the increased costs from our suppliers but also gives us the flexibility to continue to invest in facility improvements, new services and more events!

After this modest increase we are still considerably less expensive than those other guys.
We are YOUR community cinema and we appreciate your loyalty. As always, we want your feedback on what we can do to make your experience even stronger. Please email me with your comments, suggestions and other feedback at

On behalf of all of us at Film.Ca Cinemas, we want to thank you for your support and patronage; we are fortunate to be part of such a wonderful community. We are very excited to entertain you again in 2019!

We’ll see YOU… at the movies!

Jeff Knoll
Film.Ca Cinemas

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