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School & Community Groups


We know that schools, summer camps, daycares and other community groups are always looking for ways to engage their students in learning as well as raise spirit among their communities. The movies are a great way to achieve both of those goals – students love being engaged by a film either for class, during camp or a youth group program, or for fun as an end-of-year reward. And the entire community can enjoy a movie night as a spirit-building activity.

Class/Camp/Daycare/Group Visits

Engage your class or group in their learning with a visit to the movies. We’ve hosted kids and their teachers and leaders for book-to-film adaptations of everything from The Great Gatsby to The Hunger Games, history classes for all sorts of historical fare, Scout and Guide groups for badge work, and daycare groups for the wide range of children’s films we screen. With affordable group admission and concession rates and the ability to host screenings any time of day convenient for you, this is an ideal option for any group.

We also have the ability to run popular films dubbed in the French language aimed at Oakville’s many French immersion and FSL students. Contact us for available titles!

Private Bookings

Have your students made their own movies for class? What would be more fun and premiering them on the big screen!

Is there a documentary you feel is important for your students to see to understand a topic they are studying? Ensure their full attention by giving them the full movie experience!

Or maybe you are a parent council member looking for a unique community-building activity? Why not book a private screening of a highly-anticipated film and invite your families?

Whatever your needs, we have worked with a wide variety of public, Catholic and private schools for private screenings of current, older and student films.


“I would highly recommend Film.Ca as your venue of preference.  We have found that they are extremely responsive to the needs of our students in that they accommodate our unique times, provide the option of booking our own theatre (which is vital when our students have programming that focus on learning the skills necessary to be within the community), excellent service, accessible and the most competitive in terms of their pricing.”  

– Mark Davidson, Special Education teacher, T.A. Blakelock High School

“Children’s Choice Child Care has visited many times. We have always been very happy with the service we have received. The staff have been very helpful with the booking process, the preparation of the food, and the reservations of our seats. The children always enjoy the new and exciting movies they get to see.”

– Amber Dookie, Children’s Choice Child Care

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