We’ve been working hard to get things back up and running this past week.

Email, online ordering and contact forms have all been restored with online ticketing.

We moved away from our compromised network, to a new and more secure one. There may be some adjustments for us, but you can send us your questions and shop our online store to your heart’s content!

If there are any other important updates that come up, we will keep you informed.


Our computer network has been hacked, and we are the subject of an attempt at ransomware extortion. As a result, some online services are currently unavailable.

However, we want to reassure you that:

  • Your information is secure
    All customer data is stored and encrypted in data stores that are held off-site.
  • We’re still open for movies
    Online ticketing is back through a temporary secure server outside of our compromised network. You can also come in to get tickets in-person.

At this time, we cannot:

  • receive your email or contact us requests
  • receive or process online orders other than ticketing

For tickets, visit film.ca/showtimes/

Thank you for your patience and support as we work to get this resolved. Your kind words always mean so much to us.

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