Film.Ca Cinemas Pop Quiz: Do you think you know all the answers?  

Ready? Here we go…

1. What industry has not had a single case of COVID connected to it in the world?
2. What business type operates out of massive buildings where physical distancing is simple and was done successfully last year?

3. What, soon to be extinct, recreation facility typically has a roof full of air handling units to move air quickly and efficiently? (Hint: We have 15)  

4. What industry was one of the first to adapt their seating for COVID safety, and who are still willing and able to, so guests can be more than six feet apart?

The answers to all of the above? Movie theatres!  

We are sad to say that according to the latest reopening plan we are to remain closed for screenings until the new Phase 3, with the earliest possible opening date being July 26th. 

We are disappointed, to say the least. While our doors remain shuttered, we hope that those of you who can continue to support us will buy a seat (, order takeout, donate on our website or subscribe to our Video-On-Demand platform:

We really thank you all for helping us get through this and look forward to the day we can welcome you all back to the movies. 

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