This Friday we are adding…

? Inside Out

Length: 102 minutes
Rating: G

Eleven-year-old Riley moves to San Francisco, leaving behind her life in Minnesota. She and her five core emotions, Fear, Anger, Joy, Disgust and Sadness, struggle to cope with her new life.

⭐️ Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Length: 126 minutes
Rating: G

Episode V of the Star Wars Saga.

Darth Vader is adamant about turning Luke Skywalker to the dark side. Master Yoda trains Luke to become a Jedi Knight while his friends try to fend off the Imperial fleet.

⚡️Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban

Length: 142 minutes
Rating: PG Frightening Scenes

Harry, Ron and Hermoine return to Hogwarts just as they learn about Sirius Black and his plans to kill Harry. However, when Harry runs into him, he learns that the truth is far from reality.

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