We are making a physically distant pandemic movie and we need YOUR stories!


Attention Oakville Residents!

Film.Ca is making a feature film and we want you as the star!

Without a doubt, the COVID19 pandemic is the most significant event of our lifetimes and we want to document how our community is coping over the course of one day, Tuesday April 14, 2020 entitled, “One Pandemic Day”.

Our film will be a compilation of the that day’s events from the perspective of families, individuals, leaders, medical professionals and others willing to share their day to document how the pandemic affects an entire community.

So here is where you come in. We need the story of your day and we need you to document it on video.

Willing participants will be asked to film all or parts of their day to show how you, your family and/or your workplace spends the day while coping with the realities of the COVID19 pandemic.

We want real stories that show how we are all living day-to-day with this unprecedented global event. The good the bad. The joy and the trauma. Everything that you deal with throughout the day and you are willing to share.

No matter who you are, your story is compelling and important. We want you to show us how your home functions, how are your kids coping, your partner, how is work, what are your worries and joys, what have you learned to do, what projects have you taken on, what movies are you watching, how is this working for you financially, what are you worried about and anything else that is part of your pandemic experience. This is an important story to document and we want you to be a part of it.

Participating is easy and no crew will come to your home – no physical interaction with people outside your bubble is required. All you have to do it use your smart phone, DSLR, video camera or tablet. No suitable device, we can loan you vone! You are the actors and the camera operator. We will provide you with an upload link to send us your footage throughout the day or you can drop memory cards at the theatre (you only need drive up and deposit in a drop box) that we can return to you by mail after we offload.

You can tell your story anonymously or be fully featured by name and earn an IMDB credit.

Our team at Film.Ca are not just great cinemas operators, we are experienced and award-winning filmmakers and we are excited to use our talents, while we are all practicing physical distancing and staying at home, to tell this important story of how we as a community spent One Pandemic Day.
Once the film Is finished, it will be premiered online with proceeds going to help Film.Ca Cinemas survive the pandemic closure. The film will be distributed to multiple online screening services and will receive a grand premier when we are able to reopen to the public.

Interested? Click on this link https://film.ca/one-pandemic-day-expression-of-interest/ and fill in the form to tell us a bit about your family/you (provide as much detail about your day and circumstances as possible) and we will get in touch soon!


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