Are you ready to rock and roll? By popular demand, this week’s theme is Musical Movies! 🎶

Join us this Saturday, June 20th at 7pm EST for our FREE event hosted by Jeff Knoll (CEO of Film.Ca Cinemas) & Tim Cadeny (President of the BOTG) 🎉

We’ll be testing your knowledge on multiple musicals that have made it to the big screen. 🎥 🍿

Our live show will be available on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. Watch this to see see our hosts 👀

Play the trivia on Crowdpurr! 30 minutes before the event, we’ll release the game link on our Facebook event page 📲

Go RSVP right now so you’re ready when the code drops!

The top player of the trivia show will win a vinyl copy of the Grease soundtrack compliments of Universal Music Canada! (

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