For this trivia event we will be streaming the live show on our video on demand platform, Zuzu VOD. We’re on a new platform and we’re excited to try it out with you all!

We know there will be some questions, so read on and let us know if you have any more!

  • Where can I watch the live stream on Zuzu VOD?
    • You can watch the live show from your computer at the link: Or download the Zuzu Video on Demand app on…
      • Apple iPhone or iPad
      • Android phone or tablet
      • AppleTV
      • Android TV
    • More devices are coming soon!

  • How do I watch the live show on Zuzu Video on Demand?
    • The trivia show is free for everyone to watch, so you won’t need to create an account. Before the event, just head to Zuzu VOD and watch the timer count down!

*To participate in the live chat during the event, you will need an account.

  • How do I create an account?
    • If you’d like to create an account, head to and click Create an Account in the menu. Enter your details, click Continue, and that’s all! If you’re watching on the app, you can log in to the account you’ve created under Account.
    • Watching the live trivia show while you’re logged in will give you access to the live chat during the event.

After the event, if you’d like to subscribe and check out our content, head to and choose your subscription there!

  • What is Zuzu Video on Demand?
    • We created Zuzu Video on Demand as a business pivot during the pandemic, as a way to continue showing movies, even when we can’t in theatres! Zuzu VOD has a large library of independent content, public domain films (that you can access for free!), and our very own productions!

  • How do I play the trivia game?
    • We will be playing the trivia game on Crowdpurr. 30 minutes before the show goes live (6:30pm) we will be posting the game code and link from Crowdpurr onto our Facebook event page. You can play on your computer, phone or tablet, as long as it has a web browser. Our Crowdpurr has a limit of 100 spots, so sign up fast! RSVP to this event page to be notified when the game link is posted.

  • Do I have to watch the live show to play?
    • Technically no, but it’s highly recommended. The game is timed to match with the live show so you would be missing half the experience if you play without watching.

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