Tune into our Movie and TV themed trivia show for kids this Saturday, June 6th at 3pm EST hosted by Jeff Knoll (CEO of Film.Ca Cinemas) & Andrew (from Kidz Review Crew)

500 spots will be available to play but unlimited viewers are welcome!

Our live show will be available on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. Watch this to see the questions.

30 minutes before the event (2:30pm), we’ll release the Crowdpurr link for the trivia on this event page.

When we go live, you’ll be able to select your answers from a browser on your device or computer – no registration needed.

Keep in mind the faster you answer, the more points you can earn!

The top winner of the quiz will be awarded a small prize!

⚠️ RSVP to our event page to see the Crowdpurr code as soon as it drops:

It’ll be a blast! See you there!

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