FREE ways to Support Small Businesses


Read for FREE ways to support small businesses during the lockdown! ⚠️

While supporting your fave small biz with purchases is amazing, sometimes that’s just not possible for everyone ? (We get it, it’s tough economic times!) BUT there are a few ways to help WITHOUT spending a penny ✨

1. Follow them on Social Media ?

This is a great way to stay up to date with what they are doing to get through the pandemic. A follow is quick and easy to do but can really help! As an added bonus, engage with their posts! This helps more people see them (and more people seeing them means that others will learn about their awesome product or services!)

2. Write them a review ✏️

Have you had a great experience with them in the past? Don’t keep that to yourself, let the world know! A positive review can really go a long way.

3. Send them love in their direct messages ?

Message them on socials – let them know you’re thinking of them! Words of encouragement mean so much and knowing they have customers that are rooting for them makes this situation just a little easier.

4. Share them with your loved ones ?

Share their posts on your feed, your story, verbally… any word of mouth is awesome! It can be hard to get the word out as a small business with a small marketing budget. By sharing them you are showing other people what they are missing out on!

5. Sign up for their newsletter ?

A great way to stay in the loop with the latest updates. As a bonus perk, you often will be the first to hear about special deals, exciting news and you’ll know when they are able to reopen!

Which idea from this list are you going to do? ? Let us know! ?

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