As many of you have heard, a movie at the cinema can now be enjoyed with popcorn when we reopen!

The Medical Officer of Health has officially announced that we can serve food and drink for on-site consumption during this phase of reopening.

Eating in a cinema auditorium is no higher a risk (and even less), than eating in restaurants, as we have: 

  • Physical distancing from other parties
  • Auditoriums with very high ceilings
  • Significant (and recently upgraded) air circulation
  • All guests facing the back of someone’s head 

Visiting our cinema for a movie and popcorn is a safe space.

We are very excited about this announcement as cutting food and beverage sales created an extreme financial challenge. A large part of our revenue comes from snacks and drinks, more than ticket sales which is split between taxes, studios and us.

All that being said, our snack bar will be open for snacks during your movie and for takeout! We’ll see YOU at the movies soon!

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