Every day is Earth Day at Film.Ca!


April 22, 2015

Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day! This is the 25th Earth Day that has been celebrated in Canada, and it’s a day to think about how we can protect the environment and give back to the earth.

It’s no secret that a business like a movie theatre can generate a lot of garbage. Knowing this, we have made a number of efforts over the years to try and make Film.Ca Cinemas (and Encore Cinemas before it) as green as possible. Here are some of the ways we try to celebrate Earth Day everyday:



When you see our staff outside of your theatre collecting trash when the movie lets out, you’ll notice that we make sure to make recycling bins available and separate all recyclable materials from garbage.

Using environmentally-friendly materials

Popcorn bags
Wherever possible, we try to use environmentally responsible materials for things that need to be thrown out. For example, all of our popcorn bags are made from responsibly-sourced paper and materials and FSC (global forest) certified.

LED lighting

LED lightingWe have replaced traditional lighting with lower-impact LED bulbs wherever we can, including at our brightly-lit entrance and in the lobby. We think it looks much better than it used to, it costs less to run, and it’s better for the environment – a win for everyone!

Reducing waste

PostersWhen we have things that could be thrown out floating around the theatre, we think about how we can reuse them first. For example, with old movie posters, instead of throwing them out, we either reuse them around the theatre as decoration, or donate them to groups or fans.

Reunion Island Coffee

Reunion IslandAll of the coffee we serve comes from Reunion Island, an Oakville coffee company that specializes in sustainable organic coffee farming. All of their products are environmentally responsible and fair trade, so you can feel good about drinking your cuppa joe here. (And watch out for more cafe options coming very soon, also from Reunion Island!)

Halton Green Screens

HGS poster for outside theatre

And of course, we are very proud to have been the home of Halton Green Screens since its inception. Check out this season’s line up of films and come on out for one of the fascinating eco-documentaries!

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