Director Dean DeBlois Dropped By The Theatre!


As Film.Ca prepares to learn how to train our dragons (How To Train Your Dragon 3 opens Friday, February 22) we also learned what it takes to train a director.

We were thrilled and honoured last Friday to welcome Dean DeBlois, director and writer of How To Train Your Dragon 3! Dean is Canadian and a Sheridan graduate who was involved with the two earlier How To Train Your Dragon films, the Lilo and Stitch film and series, Mulan, and more.

It was an amazing opportunity to host Dean and learn more about how he journeyed from Sheridan to Hollywood – just like many of the students at Sheridan today and cast at Film.Ca hope to do.

We hope that we’ll have even more special guests in the future, particularly those who are part of our amazing local community.

Remember: How to Train Your Dragon 3 opens Friday, February 22 at Film.Ca. Get your tickets by clicking here.

We’ll see YOU at the movies!

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