⚠️ Please read this important message from our CEO in regards to our cinema re-opening ⚠️

Dear Film.Ca Guests and Supporters,

Oakville is moving to phase 3 this coming Friday, and that means that, in theory, movie theatres can open again. I say “in theory” because the Province has put a per building limit of 50 guests, and that does not work economically for most of us, it is not fair and that tiny limit is unnecessary.

Although we would love nothing more than open the moment we can; after having been closed four months, we cannot just do so as a public service as it would only result in more financial losses.

We have reached out to the Province through our trade association, and locally we have asked Our local MPPs for their help too.

Here are some points we want the Province to know:

1. Ontario has the most restrictive movie theatre regime in Canada; every other Province bases its limit on a per auditorium basis.

2. This limit applies to all indoor facilities – how is it fair/safe to say a restaurant/bar is ok with 50 people in their one room with a couple of thousand square feet vs. our 24,000 square feet of space split amongst a vast lobby and five cinemas?

3. Cinemas have separate HVAC (air conditioning) systems for each cinema – cinema and lobbies have different air handling.

4. We have deployed internationally tried and tested health and safety measures, including; three-seat separations, closing every other seating row, aggressive sanitation, reserved seats, refined traffic flow control throughout the building, plexiglass protection in all guest service areas, etc. We can easily provide social separation with 50 people per auditorium.

Our team is assessing how we move forward, and it is our understanding that Cineplex is facing a similar dilemma and has already refused to open last Friday, where Phase 3 was declared already.

At Film.Ca Cinemas, we have been working hard to provide a safe and healthy return to business. We have adopted best practices from around the world and can meet and exceed all the safety guidelines established by our health authorities.

We are ready to welcome you home; however, we need the Province to give us more capacity so we can do so without going further into debt.

We are ready when the rules work for us.

If you agree with use, please let your MPPs know:

Effie Triantafilopoulos @Effie_ONB
Stephen Crawford @SCrawfordforOakville

Jeff Knoll

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