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48hr Youth Film Challenge – Junior Edition


48 hour Youth Film Challenge – Junior Edition

This immersive program is open to any youth, Grades 5+, who would like to learn to create a short film. Our Experts will be on site through the process to guide and educate on the specifics of each position.

When registering, students can select to join our ACTOR or FILM CREW stream, and will spend the Challenge experiencing



FRIDAY EVENING: 6pm to 9pm & SATURDAY & SUNDAY: 9am to 6pm

In our first weekend together, both our Acting & Film Crew students gather together to begin developing their screenplay. This collaborative process will take place on the Friday evening.

Saturday morning everyone gathers for a table read of the final script and makes any necessary script changes. Our students then divide out into Film Crew and Acting streams.

The remainder of the weekend will include call sheets, shot lists, floor plans, and an introduction to professional film-making equipment for our Film Crew. While our Actors will work to develop their character, practice delivering lines, and learn how to drop into character and work naturally in front of a camera.

During this weekend we will welcome an industry professional to speak to our group and share their wisdom; and finally run through a full rehearsal in preparation for Production Weekend.



FRIDAY EVENING: 6pm to 9pm & SATURDAY & SUNDAY: 9am to 6pm

This is it! Students are welcomed back to shoot their short film.

Students in both streams will work collaboratively to complete their short film. Staying in character and on set for the majority of each day. Filming will be complete by 6pm Sunday evening.


Craft Services will be provided to our Actors and Film Crew throughout the process.





48hr Youth Film Challenge
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