Everyone enjoys the movies. At Cinemas, we can show you how to enhance relationships with your clients, staff and the community through our advertising program. We have been proud to advertise everything from small, home-run local businesses to major international and Canadian corporations like McDonald’s, Toyota and Koodo on our screens and in our doors.

Established in 1998 as Encore Cinemas, we have been Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga‚Äôs choice for affordable, friendly moviegoing for over 16 years. Our experienced team can help you to grow your business by advertising to our 10,000 – 20,000 monthly guests through the many creative channels we have throughout our cinema. Best of all, cinema advertising doesn’t feel like regular advertising – it’s part of the show, and people pay attention!

There are plenty of different ways to advertise within Cinemas, and we can help to tailor a program to your business. Maybe you want to see your name on the big screen – the cornerstone of our advertising program is our pre-show, running 20-25 times daily. Maybe you’d prefer to take advantage of our new giant lobby screen. Come onboard as a sponsor of one of our popular movie events, or support a local charity through our Partnership Program. Advertise on our website, email newsletter or social media. The possibilities are endless.

For more information contact Tori Nixon at vnixon[at] or 905-338-0494 ext. 206 to get started today