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Film.Ca Presents: The Signature Series

Film.Ca Cinemas is proud to announce The Signature Series, a series of exclusive onscreen arts performances including Shakespearean drama from London’s famous Globe Theatre, ballet and opera from the Royal Opera House, and monumental concerts from the world’s best musicians.

All performances, provided by Arts Alliance and More2Screen, are filmed live in London and presented onscreen unabridged. These performances are exclusive in the Oakville-Burlington-Milton area to Film.Ca Cinemas!

Next show: THE CAR MAN

The full series schedule is as follows:
June 29 – The Car Man – Ballet
July 10/13 – Frankenstein – Ballet

Single tickets are $16.99 for adults, $14.99 for seniors over 65, and $10.99 for children 3-13. Tickets purchased in packages for multiple performances are discounted at the following rates:

Single show3 or 45-78-10

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Length: 98 minutes

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Synopsis: Filmed live at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, UK in August 2015

A sensational new dance event for cinemas from the internationally acclaimed choreographer Matthew Bourne and his Dance Company New Adventures, The Car Man is loosely based on Bizet’s popular opera (CARMEN) and has one of the most thrilling and instantly recognisable scores in classical music, brilliantly arranged by Terry Davies. The familiar 19th Century Spanish cigarette factory becomes a greasy garage-diner in 1960’s America where the dreams and passions of a small-town are shattered by the arrival of a handsome stranger. Fuelled by heat and desire, the inhabitants are driven into an unstoppable spiral of greed, lust, betrayal and revenge. Lez Brotherston’s epic design, Chris Davey’s evocative lighting and Matthew Bourne’s vivid storytelling take in a wealth of cinematic references, creating a powerful and uncompromising vision of small-town America.


Wednesday, June 297:00pm
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Length: 180 minutes
Rating: PG (Not Suitable for Children Under the Age of 12)

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Synopsis: Victor Frankenstein is sent away to university, away from his family and his closest friend Elizabeth. Just before he leaves, his mother dies in childbirth. Distraught, Victor throws himself into his studies, learning obsessively all that he can from his Professor. Fuelled by his experiments and in a desperate hope to find a way to bring his mother back, Victor works furiously, and eventually succeeds in giving life to non-living matter – but, horrified at what he has done, Victor abandons his Creation.

Six years later, Victor returns home. The Creature follows him and, watching Victor with his family from afar, longs to be accepted and loved as one of them. On the day of Victor’s wedding to Elizabeth, the Creature draws closer, enraptured by Elizabeth’s beauty. Victor discovers the Creature, who, in his panic, kills Elizabeth. In his grief, Victor takes his own life, leaving the Creature once again alone and abandoned, cradling his creator.

The Royal Ballet’s Artist in Residence Liam Scarlett has become known for ballets that marry highly expressive movement, sophisticated musical response and dark psychological depth – in such works for The Royal Ballet as Asphodel Meadows, Sweet Violets and The Age of Anxiety on the main stage and Hansel and Gretel in the Linbury Studio Theatre. Now he creates his first full-length work for the main stage with Frankenstein, a period adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Gothic tale of morality and our craving for love, companionship and understanding.

For this new work Scarlett has assembled a number of regular collaborators. American composer Lowell Liebermann, whose First Piano Concerto provides the music for Scarlett’s Viscera, composes a new score. John Macfarlane (Asphodel Meadows, Sweet Violets, The Age of Anxiety) creates the designs, while David Finn provides lighting design.


Sunday, July 101:00pm
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Wednesday, July 137:00pm
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